I am a graphic designer who develops and manages creative assets for a variety of industries. Originally trained as an architect, my approach to design is practical and human-centric. I value the formation of lasting client relationships through asking “Why? How?” together. My multidisciplinary background gives me a unique perspective and drives me to explore new creative processes and solutions.


GDUSA Web Design Award, 2015
Discovery Park of America

Nashville ADDY, Gold & District 7 ADDY, Silver, 2013
Publication Design, Entire Book, RED: Taylor Swift



Purpose, then emotion. Design should first embody human reasoning and follow up as a vessel for creative vision. Also, no one can see everything, is good at everything. We need each other.

This logic-driven approach to design shows me the most consistent results, though it is constantly evolving like some fluid monster. But amidst the adaptations, there is one thing I have learned. Personally speaking, outside input can be both the most difficult as well as most essential part of the development process. We need each other, designers and non-designers alike, to bring out the best in us. To help us understand where things might fail. To tell us that copy is too cheesy when we think it's just right.

Discussion and review are things I have had to learn to love. But a constructive message with the intent of encouraging growth, will always derive successful design.