Gaucho Farms

Gaucho Farms began as a small, self-sustaining family farm in Southern Alabama. I was commissioned to implement a branding refresh and packaging update in order to help the farm grow in recognition with the larger, surrounding city, Dothan. A cohesive series of labels were created to streamline Gaucho's featured food products for immediate shelf recognition. In the time since, Gaucho Farms has become a recognized seller in Dothan’s best local, natural eateries and has doubled their direct delivery in a single year.




Package Design
Collateral Design


Gaucho Farms is a teaching small-farm model fostering community, food freedom, and ecological diversity through the arts of sustainable living.


Know Your Farmer

After research to determine the root of Gaucho's unique brand message, the "Know Your Farmer" campaign was launched. I was asked to design promotional items centered on this new call to action. Sketches later, the idea of a fingerprint tomato was developed as an iconic symbol of the campaign and secondary logo for Gaucho Farms. The design was inspired both by the unique, Argentinian farming methods used by Gaucho, their fingerprint, as well as the local area’s adoption of the tomato as a county-wide symbol.

It was a pleasure to work with the screen printing team at Yellowhammer Creative of Birmingham, Alabama for production.



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