Thistle Farms

Thistle Farms is a life-changing non-profit in Nashville, Tennessee led by 2016 CNN Heroes nominee, the Reverend Becca Stevens. Working directly with Thistle Farms and product representatives at Whole Foods Market, packaging for these exclusive soy candles and room sprays was developed for sale in the United States and Canada. The resulting screen printed design meets the consumer's desire for simple, straight-forward packaging while celebrating, through color, the boldness of Thistle Farms' mission, Love Heals.




Packaging Design


Brand, Mike Delevante
Design, Alyssa Butler


Thistle Farms products are handmade by survivors of prostitution, trafficking, and addiction. Every product bears witness that love is the most powerful force for change in the world.


Whole Foods Exclusive

In 2016, Thistle Farms room sprays and candles were, nationwide, the third best selling exclusive item in Whole Food's history.



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