Twelve | Twelve

The most luxurious residential structure in Nashville, Tennessee, Twelve | Twelve consists of 22 floors of professionally-decorated condominiums and a level entirely dedicated to outstanding amenities. Located in the area known as The Gulch, Twelve | Twelve's clientele are a specialized mix of established professionals, artists, and entrepreneurs. Buyers in this collective care about the smallest details of the space they live in. Carefully crafted marketing plans for each floor and individual unit of Twelve | Twelve were created to meet that challenge.




Print Design


Brand, Mike Delevante
Design, Alyssa Butler


The Beautiful Schematic

I was provided the original schematic plans and basic structure information for each unit, including all building materials and potential furniture arrangements. Working with the developer of the property’s brand, Mike Delevante, we created a layout that would integrate brand standards with the practical detail needed for each plan and floor plate. Hours were spent ensuring the illustrated plans were true-to-the-millimeter scaled representations, as well as beautiful inspiration for potential residents.



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